Kathleen Osmond

Mindful Breath, Meaningful Movement, Limitless Laughter


About Kathleen Osmond

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor with a passion for cultivating mindful breathing, meaningful movement and limitless laughter. I enjoy teaching  Kundalini Yoga , Chair Yoga , Laughter Yoga and Hatha Stretch classes.  My teaching style is accessible to all with a focus on students feeling refreshed and renewed. My  class environment is relaxing, fun, safe and uplifting . 

I offer multiple variations on a pose to foster inclusion for all mobility levels. This is an important feature as degeneration due to arthritis has meant the replacement of both of my hips. Anyone can participate and enjoy the many benefits of a Yoga Class.  

                                  Weekly Classes

Kundalini by Candlelight

 Thursday's 7:00 AM EST.  FREE on Zoom

Email me for Sign in Info : Kathleen.Osmond@bell.net

YouTube Replay Posted each Thursday at 8:00 Pm EST.

Hit the YouTube Link at the top of the page to visit and subscribe for notifications of new Classes each week!!


Corporate, Group &  Private

Corporate, Group & Private

Corporate, Group &  Private

Corporate, Group &  Private

Corporate, Group &  Private

Corporate, Group & Private

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